Welcome to Epic Book!


Hello Everyone!

This is what we call a mandatory post. It’s the start of a journey; a prologue if you will. It’s our introduction, so imagine it like this. Right now, we’re on a bridge in Moria. I’m a big freaking Balrog. This post is represented by Gandalf. And, as readers, I guess that would make your the Orcs, cheering for a fight either way. To move forward, I need to kick that grey beard’s ass. You can tell me if I’m successful.

So what exactly is Epic Book?

It’s an opinion/analysis blog and, we hope, a source of entertainment for all of you Lord of the Rings Online fans. LotRO is a great game but there’s an underwhelming amount of reading out there… at least in blog form. And, we all know, during the boring hours of work, those of us lucky enough to have computers like to read about our favorite games.

But who am I?

I’m Raegn (like “reign”) and I’ve been playing MMOs for almost three years. I spent the seven before that playing an RP/PK MUD. I love the genre. I’ve played quite a few different games (yes, WoW was one of them) but recently returned to LotRO. I’d bought the lifetime subscription a little over six months ago but never made good use of it. When I came back (several weeks ago now), I discovered a wonder of a game.

When I first signed up, I didn’t give the game the fair shake it deserved. I’ll admit, I was distracted. I started Vanguard: Saga of Heroes at the same time and Warhammer Online shortly thereafter. By the time I was done, Wrath of the Lich King had released, so I spent enough time there to level to 80 and dungeon crawl a bit.

So, needless to say, I’m still in the beginning stages of the game. I regret to say that if you’re looking for high end dungeon guides and criticisms of the latests level 60 class tweaks, you may be left wanting. My purpose here is to share my thoughts and experiences as I move up through the game, a newbie in the truest sense of the word, until I reach end game and find my fun there. In time, you may find the above. For now, well, we’ll have to see what the game brings me.

As far as updates, I’d expect something from me at least once a week. I have another project and a slew of real life obligations that I’ll briefly mention below. For the time being, I think it’s safe for me to commit to that. At least for a meaty post. You may see some smaller contributions more frequently. We’ll see what happens though. I’d like to post more and, as I get further into the game, I think it’s likely that will happen.

I’ve been an MMO blogger for a little while now. I also run a general MMO blog called Fires of War, where I chronicle my thoughts, opinions, and experiences on all of the games I play. Including LotRO. That being said, it may be worth your while to check in with me there in case I write about something LotRO that doesn’t get immedietely mirrored or exclusively featured here.

As a gamer, I’m a PvE fan more than anything. I enjoy PvP, or PvMP, and the exhiliration that brings but my heart lies with immersive worlds and game experiences. I want to be in the game as much as possible. It may not surprise you, then, to hear that I enjoy some casual roleplay as well. I’m not hardcore in that way but I love being social and making my own fun with other gamers.

In my real life, I’m a Student Teacher and a *shudder* telephone banker on the weekends. I’m also a fiance and a big brother two a 12 year old sister and 16 year old brother. I’ll have college under my belt in another semester.

So, that about sums it up. Welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or suggestions you might have, or if you’d like to guest post. I welcome discussion in the comments, so be sure to share your feelings openly. It’s a safe environment here.

Oh, for those interested in contacting me, I play on the Landroval server. My main is a Dwarf Guardian named Ralorn. As of this posting, I’m working my way into the Barrow Downs and loving it.